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    When two people start liking each other, usually the first thought which comes to their mind is that he/she is the mohabbat of my life. But as the journey of life moves on, each individual evolves and becomes more aware of themselves. This brings a lot of change among themselves and this makes many realize later in life that they have experienced infatuation.

    But this does not mean that the first person they like cannot be the mohabbat of their life.

    What are your views have you had an infatuation in your life, would you like to share…


    Infatuation with teachers

    Teachers Day

    We all have a favorite teacher in our school, we like her for various reasons, some of the reasons are he/she is very caring and very good at teaching. He/she is always very nice to all the students and the list of the appreciations goes on and on.

    But there is also a teacher with whom we are physically attracted too and we go to crazy extends to impress this teacher. This my friends is the biggest infatuation we all have as a child.

    Let’s all have gratitude for this teacher who instigated the sexual desires in us.

    Happy Teachers Day

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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