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    Yes both start with S but they are not the same. A bold statement to make but yes it is true. The Soulmate connection is much bigger than any other connection. Ofcourse this is what I think and this could vary with every person.

    Firstly a soulmate connection is a realization very few are lucky to realize though it exists in everyones life but as I said very few realize it. Many are afraid of this connection as they are already married when they feel that someone else is definitely their soulmate. Since they are married its difficult to confess too as they fear breaking their marriage or they are worried about the society and times their children. Due to their marriage many also believe that their spouse is their soulmate but seldom its true.

    Soulmate is God sent and your spouse is your choice or your family’s choice. Soulmate is a person you can share the darkest facts about yourself and even after doing that you are confident that the person won’t judge you and will always be by your side whatever happens. Your biological relationships with others will never affect him/her though there are very high chances that you may get physical with your souldmate but that will always be without any attachment of expectations.

    People rarely find their soulmates as even if they do their present circumstances forces their heart and their soul to think otherwise.

    Opportunity will always knock on your door but you if you won’t open the door at the right time the opportunity may pass by. Same is the case with your soulmate, if you don’t express yourself to the other person, he/she may not feel comfortable with you and may move on.

    Is there anyone on Earth to whom you can bitch about anyone which includes your spouse or your soulmate’s spouse and not get judged or that person will never take advantage of knowing those facts against you.

    Don’t keep your eyes open but definitely keep your heart and soul on high alert for that person as that person is God sent and trust me if you can pour your heart out without being judged and be physical without being judged and suddenly be quiet without being judged but being understood that is your soulmate don’t miss your soulmate as there is only one for this journey called life.

    What are your views ….

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