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    Infatuation with teachers

    Teachers Day

    We all have a favorite teacher in our school, we like her for various reasons, some of the reasons are he/she is very caring and very good at teaching. He/she is always very nice to all the students and the list of the appreciations goes on and on.

    But there is also a teacher with whom we are physically attracted too and we go to crazy extends to impress this teacher. This my friends is the biggest infatuation we all have as a child.

    Let’s all have gratitude for this teacher who instigated the sexual desires in us.

    Happy Teachers Day

    in reply to: Mohabbat before shaadi #63

    But then mohabbat is not something which can happen overnight, for knowing a person it takes time. One needs to talk and meet a lot. But this is a big problem, all the arranged marriages the parents will give time together in a coffee shop for some time and expect an answer. It’s very easy to be artificial for some time but carrying that on for a long time is difficult. Hence a personal advice give lots of time before you decide to endorse your mohabbat to shaadi. Mohabbat se shaadi should be a good journey of revelations about each other, so that there are no surprises later. The probability of such marriages to last is very high.

    I totally agree with

    Sex can be a part of mohabbat


    mohabbat may not be part of sex.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)