Does Mohabbat happens for a reason or not ?

Everyone says that if you are in mohabbat with anyone then it should not be for any reason other then mohabbat.

Is this possible? This sounds good only for shayaris, poems and songs but the fact remains that mohabbat happens for various reasons but yes it could vary for each person.

Mohabbat can only happen when two souls get attracted to each other but when two bodies get attracted to each other then it is not mohabbat anymore. The attraction towards one person can change tomorrow and the reasons can be many. This is why one singer has rightly said love me for a reason and let the reason be love.

The majority of the marriages fail as there is no mohabbat before they marry, the couples are trying to find mohabbat in their married life. The parents believe that once the couple starts having sex they will find mohabbat in each other but this seldom happens. In the majority of the cases two things happen: 1. Initital sex is fine and as it dies so do their marriage 2. The couple keeps shut and continue with their marriage feeling that this is how married life is supposed to but now the third option is increasing a lot and i.e. the couple decides to part ways as they are not happy as there is no mohabbat in their life.

This is one reason it’s very important that there should be a good amount of time the couple spends together to know each other and if they think that there is a possibility to find mohabbat among themselves other then sex, then and then only they should go ahead with marriage.

Do you all agree with this ?

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